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Rad Rover 6+ Step Through Controller

Started by Amann, May 17, 2024, 06:28:47 PM

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For sale: Brand new condition Rad Rover 6 plus step through controller. This is NOT compatible with the High Step model as the motor cable is too short (the reason I'm selling it). Still in original unopened package- unused and currently untested but buyer can have a live video chat with me showing them it works else they can get a full refund. I'm Eumops-Calls on EBay with a 100% score for references.  Regular Paypal only (it has buyer/seller guarantee, and I'm paying their fee).

$125 shipped to Con US.


why not use extensions? they are available.


Quote from: inoxa on May 18, 2024, 06:54:18 AMwhy not use extensions? they are available.

Using the shorter step through controller is not a good idea for the high step because besides the risk of having more loose connections in the power cable if one adds an extension to them, having more connectors will also cause more resistance in the power cable than if only using a uncut full length cable.  Additionally, the ends of the shorter cables of the step-through model controller will stop partway down the battery downtube which means the thick power cable connector will stick up in the battery tray channel higher and causes the metal plate that sits under the battery to bend upwards. this causes the battery to lift slightly up and makes it hard to lock the battery in.

Although it works the same as the right controller, if one has a high step Rover 6 +, I would not recommend getting the ST (step through) model controller.