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Release date for new model Rad Rover.

Started by cafrank, February 06, 2024, 09:11:01 AM

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I own a Rad Rover 5+ purchased new in 2019 with 6,000 miles on it. I am interested in knowing when a new model Rover will be realeased. I want a bike with a longer battery range than the 45 mile range I get on mine now. I will probably switch to a Himiway Zerbra if Rad is not coming out with a new model soon. Any information on when a new Rover model will be released will be most appreciated.


They released the 6 and then the 6+ over a year ago.  From what I have read, the newer models are subpar to the Rover 5.  Range is the same.  Slightly less power.

Check Citzencycle on youtube.  He put in a dual motor that added range for him. 

Also the advantage of the 5 over the 6+ is easier to upgrade and move batteries.  I personally don't like batteries built in to the frame because you are limited on battery upgrades and placement.  But you can still had a second battery to the 6 and 6+. 


new versions of the  Rover/City, Wagon, and Expand are launching next week

John Rose

Quote from: inoxa on February 06, 2024, 09:54:07 PM
... I personally don't like batteries built in to the frame because you are limited on battery upgrades and placement. ...
I don't like the idea of the semi-integrated batteries not having replaceable fuses. That would be a deal-killer for me.
RadMini ST 2 / RadExpand 5


I saw on youtube of a guy who had a semi battery bike NON RAD....anyway he bent his frame because the structure is weakened with the new design.  It was a step thru bike.


New Rad bikes just went live on the website and via YouTube in a few minutes.

Radio Runner

Looks like the Wagon got rid of those nightmare proprietary 22inch wheels. Down to 20inch from the looks of it. That?s good news however anyone with the old model is going to have an even harder time finding tires. (Lesson: Never buy a bike with a  proprietary wheel diameter)