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Looking to purchase RadRover6+ or RadCity5+ Stock USspec Controller

Started by ChrisB, January 07, 2024, 01:58:20 PM

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Has anyone upgraded their plus model with a new 35watt controller and is looking to sell their stock Rad controller? I am in Canada and we are restricted to a 500watt setting. I would like a US spec 750watt controller for my RadCity5 plus bike.


My 2020 Radrunner, advertised as a 750 watt bike, consumed that much electricity, but when I tested it on a hill, it put only 500 watts of power on the wheel. I don't think the bike was marked 750 watts. It may have been identical to a "500 watt" Radrunner sold in Canada.

I wonder if an American RadRover6+ or RadCity5+ controller is really the same as what you already have.