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Rad Power Ebike as indoor training bike

Started by, December 11, 2023, 08:33:22 PM

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Hello Rad Power friends,
The commercial indoor training stands that allow you to train indoors are too narrow for wide rad power E bikes.
So I built a stand for my rad power six which lifts my back wheel, but then I have no resistance.
Someone suggested it?s totally fine just to use a little bit of back brake to create resistance, it would only affect the back brake pads which could be replaced anytime you want.
Any thoughts on this? Is there any harm in slightly using the back brake to add resistance?

Any thoughts on this subject would be much appreciated, or how you have solved it.
The opportunity to use your e-bike indoors as stationary training equipment makes a lot of sense, it seems to me.
Thank you.


If you raise the back wheel, won't you be going downhill?  ;)

Some models of the Radcity and the Radwagon would be dandy.

Aventon's competitor for the Rover, the Adventure 2, has it. There seems to be a mistake because you don't need to touch a brake lever. Any time you switch to PAS 0 and pedal, you get significant resistance that gets worse with speed.

It looks as if regenerative braking would be great for stationary exercise, but it doesn't work if the battery is charged.

John Rose

Since you would need some kind of stand anyway, I would think that one with a resistance roller like this sort of thing would be better than wearing out the brakes pads and, what, overheating the rotor?

That one uses magnetic resistance, others use a fluid. They call them "bike trainers".
They seem to be built for specific wheel diameters, so it might be tricky to find one for, say, 20" wheels. Knobby tires might be troublesome too.

Or maybe one or two "bottle dynamos", for just a little bit of drag.

They could probably be attached permanently to the stand instead of the seat stay. They typically have two detent stops: one position pressing against the tire, the other flipped away from the tire.
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