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Error 24

Started by BrendaAndWalt, November 25, 2023, 07:05:19 AM

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I am getting Error 24. We've checked all of the connections, followed suggestions on youtube, etc. The throttle is lagging, sometimes not working at all. We are told that we need a new motor and rear tire. Is this correct? $600?!?!? Ughhh. Serial Number: CU5G21B4085.


I guess you've been told Error 24 means the controller isn't getting a signal from the Hall sensors.

The most vulnerable part of the circuit may be the motor cable connector along the chain stay. Not long ago, my Radrunner wouldn't work after I took the back wheel off to replace the freewheel. I think there was an error code. I'd pressed the motor connector together tight and it looked okay. I unplugged it, looked at the pins, and reconnected it. This time it worked. I guess it hadn't been plugged in all the way. If it happens again, I may rub a little silicone grease into the rubber so it will slide together better.

If that doesn't fix it, I imagine there are ebike mechanics who can check the Hall sensors from the connector using a multimeter and a suitable voltage source.


Thank you "handlebar." We stopped by our mechanic, discussed with him, planned to drop the bike off in a few days. On the ride home, the error disappeared and bike is sunning smoothly. :-)