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Area 13 ver 2.1 35 amp controller

Started by Nathanmot, October 15, 2023, 04:53:13 PM

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Anybody have the area 13 controller upgrade for the rr6+ installed? I have all the settings figured out except for the voltage set ones.
Trying to under stand them for the battery meter/ battery % and to make sure I have the correct low voltage. I?m still on the stock 48v battery and motor.

Options are
Live 1-5 each on separate lines

Default values from area 13 were.
P- 42v
Live 1 42.9v
Live 2 44.9v
Live 3 46.3v
Live 4 47.5v
Live 5 50.1v

Update: I got a reply a few hours ago. P- is the low voltage cutoff. Got all my emails answered today.


contract area 13. they are very good at trouble shooting and i am sure they have the answer anyway.


Unfortunately I haven?t got a response yet from email I sent a week ago.


That is odd but they will get to you. Have you tried to call?


I had my controller installed by a shop and I don?t have a manual. How do you enter setup mode?


I found he explains how to enter setup mode in the YouTube video on the Rover 6+. Now I?m hoping there is a setting to get full power twist throttle for all peddle assist settings. The website says that has been corrected in the controllers he sells now, I just hope mine can be fixed too.


Quote from: Traildad on December 30, 2023, 05:27:31 PM
I had my controller installed by a shop and I don?t have a manual. How do you enter setup mode?

IIRC, you power it up, then within 5 seconds press Up and Down simultaneously.

Here's the manual:
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