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Brake light on all the time

Started by Chiloquinrad, October 13, 2023, 05:46:32 PM

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My wife has a Rad City step thru.  It is the first year model the brake light was standard, whatever year that was.  Four years ago I think.  It has been a great bike and she had ridden it many miles.  Her only complaint is the weight.  But I digress.  Her brake light now stays on all the time.  I have checked all the connections and both brake levers.  They all seem to be functioning correctly.  I am thinking the problem must be in the controller or whatever.  Has any else had this issue? It isn't something that keeps her from riding obviously.  I just have to see it all the time when following her.  Thanks


Can you swap a light from your bike just to test?
Have you totally disconnected both brake light cables?  Does it go out?
More thank like it is the controller.

Radding Along

Disconnecting the brake sensor wires won?t have an effect. If they were faulty, there would be no power to the motor via PAS or throttle.

As suggested, you need to plug in a different brake light to see if that?s the cause. If not, the next step would be to inspect the brake wire leading from the controller to the brake light. Often, the wire is damaged, typically where it runs under the rear fender. Something could have gotten sucked in between the tire and the fender, damaging the wire.

Remove the rear wheel and inspect the wire closely for damage. If you have no luck there, remove the tail light and plug it into the controller directly, bypassing the extension wire.

If none of that is the issue, then more than likely it?s a controller issue. It?s probably not worth replacing the controller. But there are times when it may start with the rear brake light, but maybe down the road you lose pedal assist or something else. Things could start snowballing in the controller.