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Radrunner rear spokes

Started by Steven_smith36, October 10, 2023, 12:18:03 AM

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Apologies if this has been posted before. My radrunner has broken a spoke or 3 which I have replaced with genuine items. I believe they're 12g 128mm long. I have found a few UK sites selling spokes LOTS cheaper. But there's a few different types/makes eg Sapim.  Has anyone got any experience or suggestions please.


In 2022, I had two Radrunner spokes broken. The Radpower site didn't list those parts, and Support didn't answer. For $25, I ordered a set of 130mm WLKY spokes from China.

I hadn't read enough detail about spoke length to measure correctly. I had to bend the new spokes to get them in place, and if I had to tighten a nipple another turn, I might run out of thread. I should have ordered 125mm.

Some of the OEM spokes had heads that were slightly small. That had led to stretching and breaking. I prefer the WLKY spokes.

Weeks after my inquiry, Radpower Support told me they now carried spokes. I don't think the description said how long they were.


Thanks for your reply. Rad spokes are allegedly 128mm. When I fitted a couple of them I too had to slightly bend them.


Spokes seem to be measured from the threaded end to the bottom side of the bent wire at the other end. That corresponds to the distance from the hole in the rim to the near edge of the appropriate hole in the hub. A six-inch steel rule marked in mm would be great to measure that distance on the rear wheel of a Radrunner. I measured 125mm. Not having the spoke too long would have made installation easier.