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What size hex screw holds the disk brakes to the bike frame?

Started by Mtolesen, September 28, 2023, 02:53:36 AM

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I do not have my radrhino (radrover) at the place where i am now, but i need to buy some tools to repair the brakes on my bike.
Does anyone remember the specs for the two hex screws that hold the disk brake to the bike frame, i think it is 6 mm, or am i wrong, and how long are they?


Is it the wheel with the sprocket or the wheel on the fork?

On my Radmission and my Radrunner, the front screws pass through a tab on the fork and screw into the caliper. They are 6 x 1 x 15mm long.

On both bikes, the back screws pass through the caliper and screw into the frame. They are 6 x 1 x 35mm long.

i imagine a Rhino takes the same screws, depending on which way a caliper is mounted.