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CST Big Boat- 2000 mile review

Started by Radio Runner, September 09, 2023, 09:37:49 AM

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Radio Runner

I commute to work 20 miles one way and 20Mi back so after two summers and one winter on the tire 2000Mi is conservative. I?m sure it?s much higher since I ride around on my days off as well. Anyway, 2000Mi is impressive for this tire. I run full 30psi for maximum efficiency and use FlatOut goop which saved my bacon several times with HUGE nails and a roofing staple. I can?t recommend Flat Out enough.

So as you can see I finally had to replace the tire since it?s getting quite bald. I?m sure it has a few 100 miles left in it but I?m not going to press my luck with easy punctures with such wear and tear.

Great tires for pavement urban use.


Thanks very much for the info and pics - you really wore those out!  My Big Boats on the MiniST2 have around 700 miles on them and look just slightly used with fully-intact tread, from a combo of about 80% pavement and 20% hardpacked trails and tree roots - I'm no bike acrobat, but handling on all surfaces is fine although I don't ride in the rain.  Also very happy with handling in turns/corners and how quiet they are compared to fat-tire knobbies.  I bought spare tubes and finally tracked down a couple spare tires (these haven't been easy to find), so should be good for quite some time; used Slime the first time but have FlatOut to try next go-around.

No problems with flats or leaks and they only lose about 1 psi of pressure at most over 2-3 weeks - I like the CST Big Boats quite a lot.
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