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Battery replacement with UPP

Started by Jtimcoe, September 04, 2023, 06:49:15 PM

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Hi alll, my battery on my rad city 4 is cooked. Had it tested and it?s done. I am looking at the unit pack power replacement but struggling to find the one with correct connector pin scheme. OEM battery is 48v 14ah 672 wh) battery. Does anyone know the model to buy where the pins for the connectors will be same as the rad connector.? Pin is different than on original.  Would prefer getting it off Amazon.


You probably will not find an exact match.  So you will have to replace the battery cradle as well.
My understand what RAD sold was a Shark battery.  The ones you find aftermarket online requires you to swap out the cradle. 

Main thing is you find a battery that has LG, Samsung, or Panasonic battery cells. 

If you go cheap it will bite you later.  Go for the quality battery cells as mentioned. 

One other option is to have your battery rebuilt with those cells.  Then you shouldn't have to replace the cradle.

You could try ebay or even RAD for a "RAD" battery unless you want a larger one for more distance.


Great. Thanks for the reply. Cradle looks easy to swap out?.I think  ;D

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