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Rad Rover Step Through

Started by Dianne O, September 01, 2023, 03:06:41 PM

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Dianne O

Hi, I am thinking of.buying. I am 5 foot 4!
Women. Any advice. Do the women like it?


Yes they do.  I am a guy and had both and I like the step thru better. 

It is easier to get on because I have the seat high so I can maximize the peddle stroke with near leg extension.   


My wife is 4'11" and we both have 2016 Rad Rovers.  This is way before the Rad Rover offered a fat tire or regular step-thru model.  She was able to ride the Rad Rover; but, she didn't like how big it felt (like riding a small motorcycle).  She also doesn't like to ride off road, no rough/sandy terrain, and she sticks to paved roads and occasional very flat double wide hard packed trails.  I upgraded her to a 2018 Radcity Step-thru with smaller 2.3 inch tires and she loved that way more.  Both the Rover and Radcity come in around the same weight.  The Radcity Step-thru was easier for her to push around the garage, easier to help lift on bike rack, smaller storage footprint, and felt easier to her to maneuver when riding.  I just upgraded her again to a 2023 Radcity Step-Thru (I still ride the two 2016 Radrovers and have the 2018 Radcity).

Another minor issue with the Radrover if you have short legs was it sat too tall to add a suspension seatpost like the Suntour SP12 NCX or Kinekt Bodyfloat seatpost and larger Cloud-9 seat .  The Radcity sits a little lower if you plan to add a different seat with or without a suspension seatpost.
2023 Himiway Cobra Pro, two 2018/2023 Radcity Step-Thru, & two 2016 Radrovers


I love the look of the Rover but I was told but I was told it?s quite a heavy bike. I also liked that it?s cheaper. But eventually settled for the City step thru.
I am glad the new generation is calling it a step thru rather than girls bike. In my youth you would never catch me riding a step thru.
Secondly I have a high step regular bike with storage case at the rear rack. I am now having trouble swinging my leg over the storage case.
I chose the City because I wanted and e-bike that looked like a bicycle and not scooter. I wanted to avoid dirty looks while riding in pathways. Plus I still want a bicycle, I just need help going uphills. I?ll use pedal assist more than I would used throttle assist.

Literally is LITERALLY the most annoying word of the decade.