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Alien 13/Bafang 1000 Upgrade

Started by sefrochen, August 11, 2023, 10:41:27 AM

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Hi guys! I?m a noob to upgrades and mods with my 2020 RR6+. I live literally right across the street from Pacheco State Park. The hill at the main entrance is a beast and I?m not a little gal. Prior to last winter and all the storms up here, I was still able to crest the hill at PA5, gear 1 with full throttle on my base model. The storms ripped the crap out of the trails and now I don?t have enough power collectively to navigate terrain and crest hill.

So, I researched all the posts on the controller upgrade and several that seemed to indicate that the Bafang 1000 works with RR6+. I bought the alien 13 V2 upgrade (V2 very important plug-n-play now for RR6+) and extensively confirmed with Eunora that Bafang 1000 does indeed fit and connect. I?m waiting for them to arrive.

Just thought I?d ask for any advice you might have for me, especially as it relates to controller settings with this configuration and RR6+ stock battery.  Thanks!


My advice would be to install the controller/display upgrade (upgraded controllers are always a good idea) but don't even open the motor box before you test-ride the upgraded controller.  I bet you'll find it's all you need, because Rad stock motors can handle it fine.  I've had no problems running 1600 watts through my 2021 MiniST2 and Altema (here on the forum) tried and failed to burn out a stock Rad motor that he had sitting on the shelf with extended 1600+ watt testing.

Hopefully you'll be allowed to return the motor, because I think you'll want to.

Have fun, but go easy on an upgraded throttle at first; I was amazed at the difference.
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