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Electro Bike World 35 amp Controller install on Rad City 5 Plus

Started by Jay West, August 01, 2023, 03:08:57 PM

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Jay West

If anyone has installed the Electro Bike World 35 Amp controller on a Rad City 5 Plus I would like to know where you placed the controller unit on your bike.  Thanks in advance.


Hi there! Apologies in advance for not answering your question, as I am wondering the same thing. Have you tried installing the upgrade kit yet or are you doing research still at this point?

I am also working on installing on a 5+ (step thru) and I am noticing that a lot of the connectors are not compatible with the bike's stock connectors.

Jay West

I haven't tried or installed the 35 amp controller yet and therefore I have not checked all of the connectors yet but the two I have checked seem to be OK.  My Rad City 5 + is also a step thru.  I did purchase an extension for one of the cables from electro bike world as they said I needed it, but this is as far as I went on the installation. 

The problem I see with the install is the controller will not fit on the back of the seat tube without some modification as it is too thick to mount there.  I could mount it on the front of the seat tube but being a 87 year old man I wanted to keep the area in front of the tube open for the ease of mounting the bike.  I just thought someone might have a better idea on mounting the controller. I believe the cables are OK but I may be wrong.

Thanks for the reply.

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