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Rad City 5+ Error 30 and power down - Aftermarket parts?

Started by Frank62, July 29, 2023, 05:03:29 PM

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I have a 4 month old Radcity 5+,  only 170km on it.  With fully charged battery, the left display shows one bar blinking above the battery indicator, then an Error 30, followed by power down.  Did all the checks Rad suggested and still nothing, so I suspect its the controller.  Having a hard time getting response from Rad, waited 3 weeks for emails asking for a video of the problem, which I just sent.

IF I have to go aftermarket route, where can I get a plug and play controller for a Radcity 5+?



Very familiar with your code 30, Yes it is the controller. I went through 3 bikes on purchase 2 years ago. They were quick on CS with phone calls. I sent videos by email while on the phone. Controller replacement is only hard putting the screws back in to hold controller to frame. They replaced 2 bikes and then sent me a controller for the third (107 miles on it). All warranty. That controller now has 1100+ miles on it and I still hold my breath on startups. I still love the bike. Aftermarket???? Good luck.


Aftermarket parts are good if you want to beef up your bike.  After I shortly purchased my Rover 5 in Feb 2020, I wanted more speed.  Installed an upgraded controller and was happy.  Then I upgraded the motor and was extremely happy.  Area 13 is where I purchased my parts.  They have great customer service.