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Rad Rover 5 LCD not working

Started by chris.penner, July 26, 2023, 05:32:23 PM

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Hi All, I have a Rad Rover 5 and the bike won't power up.  I have now narrowed it down to the power button/LCD screen, I swapped the LCD with another friends bike and it worked.  I am having trouble reaching the Canadian Rad office by phone and email to get some help as I just want to get a replacement part.  Any suggestions on where I might be able to get one?  Maybe there is an upgrade available?  from Also have other had trouble reaching anyone for service by phone or email, it hasn't been good for me!  Thank you!


I highly recommend Area 13.  They carry a 35 amp controller for Rads.  Not sure about their current stock.

Sometimes you will find the RAD 25 amp controllers on ebay. 

I have a RR5 and can't imagine keeping the 25 amp controller and the stock motor.  I also upgraded my motor.