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Rad Runner Plus no throttle or PAS and Error 30 message

Started by TaviM, July 24, 2023, 02:17:58 PM

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My Rad Runner plus turns on and displays an error 30 message, no throttle or pedal assist. I have followed all the rad support guides and contacted customer service and they?ve told me to unplug and check all connectors and I?ve done that and nothing. Does anyone have any ideas of what it might be? Do I need to replace my controller? Like I said the display turns on and all and the battery is good just no throttle or pedal assist? I also tested with a multimeter and found that there was nothing coming from the cable that goes from the controller to the motor but maybe that?s just some situation where if a components not working it won?t send power? I?m very confused with this stipulation and thanks in advance to anyone that responds:)


Mine had error 21 and I replaced the controller and battery mount bracket. Now it shows error 30?? Bad parts?


I wish the codes could be more specific. Have you seen this?
On the right you can pull down Error 30 instructions for various models.

If it happened to me, I'd be interested in testing with another battery. If it's the switch, contact cleaner might fix it, if you can open the case to see where to squirt.

I wouldn't be without a can of contact cleaner. If I couldn't swap batteries or that didn't fix it, I'd unfasten each connector and spray each side. If I could wipe with a cotton swab, I would. I'd test after doing each connector so that if the problem went away, I'd know where to look if it recurred.

Cheap electronics jumper wires, the kind that are a couple of feet long with a small alligator clip crimped to each end, often fail to conduct because of invisible corrosion in the crimp. Spraying and tugging will probably get it working. It won't last, but at least I'll know where the trouble is.