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Mystery connector? had a power outage on the bike and this thing is dangling

Started by rdelach, July 19, 2023, 01:24:23 PM

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The power assist went out on my Rad City 4 during a ride today, both throttle and pedal assist. Display was still on, but showed 000 watts being applied.
The only thing that I can see that might have caused this issue is what looks like a small connector that is just dangling near the crank. It is on a very short wire, so it didn't move very far, but it was rubbing on the magnetic cable sensor. Any ideas what this thing is, and if is it disconnected from something that I cannot see to connect it to?


On the bottom of the down tube, 3" forward of the bottom bracket, several cables go in. On my Radmission, the connectors are outside, but it seems the Rad City has one inside. If you remove the grommet, maybe you can snag the other half with a wire hook.