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Rad Rhino 6 PLUS weird sound rear motor

Started by Kemalism, July 10, 2023, 05:48:58 AM

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Hi Guys,

I am an owner of an RadRhino 6 Plus ( EU version ). Bought the bike 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine bought one, did 1 testdrive and i was sold and ordered one for myself.
Since the beginning a have a weird sound coming from the back (rear wheel). At a speed of 15 i get a weird tikking (like bells) sound that stops when i stop cycling.

In the beginning the sound was so now and then. Now i have it all the time.
We bought 3 Rad Rhino 6 PLus ( EU version ) and 2 of them have this issue. I called support and they told me they know about this problem and that it is not harmful for the bike. But i hear this sound the whole time. They should advert with that the bike comes with a sound, not that i should live with it.
There is no solution for me except for that they tell me it doesnt harm the bike. People on the street look at me when i drive by, not because of the great looks but the sound on it.
Does anyone know where this sound is coming from and what the solution is ?

Rad is pulling out of EU so I think i am practicly screwed when they leave me behind with problems and no support. The bike was on an extreme discount last week and now we know why. So sad I have to go through this. I saved for a year to buy an Ebike, it is hard earned money...

Please help me! Please... ( and a friend of mine ofcourse ).