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Rad rover step thru 1 - motor id?

Started by Omidia Ramin, June 30, 2023, 08:15:59 PM

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Omidia Ramin

I need to replace (and therefore order) the planetary gears on my rover step thru 1.

I think the motor is of type


but I could be wrong? I?ve seen one reference claim it?s of type


any help?



I ordered this for mine and it is what your looking for.   Electro Bike World

Electro Bike World LLC

Planetary Gears For Bafang Motors

Subtotal:   $43.99
Shipping (Free shipping on all of our products to the lower 48 states. International shipping is available.):   $0.00
Order Total:
email us at or call us at 7134089632