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Removing Radrunner EU speed limit

Started by lunr, June 26, 2023, 07:37:38 AM

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I bought an used Radrunner from a friend of mine, it is an EU version with a 250W motor. The speed on the ebike is limited to 25 km/h as this is the limit according to European laws, however it is way to slow for me on some occasions and it hurts to hear the motor not use it's full potential when riding. I have tried to look up methods to remove the limiter, however these either don't work or require me to buy a new controller. I tried to place a piece of electric tape on the pin that should be the speed limiter pin, but that had no effect. As far as I have heard, my only option would be to buy a 3rd party controller, for example the Eggrider, but that costs extra money and I don't want to spend 100? just to get a little extra speed. I was wondering whether there are any other ways to potentially remove the speed limit? I should also note that my bike has the simple controller with just 4 buttons and battery/pedal assist levels.

Any help would be lovely!

Radio Runner

You have done the research and arrived at the answer. You will need a 3rd party controller.

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