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Motor cut off with RadCity 5 acting up.

Started by ChrisB, June 22, 2023, 03:17:45 PM

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Hi All,
My RadCity 5 was shipped with Nutt brakes and recently it started not energizing the motor after releasing the brakes. It was very intermittent in the beginning but slowly increased in frequency until it got to where it would do it every time I pulled the rear brake lever. I looked into how the system worked and it uses a magnetic proximity sensor to shut the motor off and activate the brake light. The sensor sends the signal when the magnet gets within range. The band-aid is to unplug the proxy sensor, but that is not the optimal solution. I did find that if I adjusted the lever closer to the handle bar, the system worked properly. That is not a great solution either as the lever is too close to the bar for me. My question is, does anyone know where the magnet is actually located (I know it is on the moving part of the lever assembly), and how to remove the lever arm without total disassembly of the master cylinder.     


This ad says the magnet is hidden and sealed. Ebay stuck other ads on the page, but this ad says you can order either side with either kind of connector for $20, arriving in 2 or 3 weeks.


Thanks for trying to help handlebar. Unfortunately that listing has been removed, so I can't read what was on it. From what I was able to see on the screen before ebay reroutes me, is that brake lever is for a cable activated brake system. My RadCity5 has hydraulic brakes and those would not be compatible. Thanks for trying.


I don't know why they put "similar items" first, but I scrolled down to it.

It says there are 5 left. But you're right. It's for cable brakes. I missed that.

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