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Grease type for planetary gears??

Started by murbot, June 11, 2023, 08:29:06 AM

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   Any idea if Park Tool PPL-2 grease is safe to use on ebike motors??

I'm replacing a motor and it seems a little dry. Ace, Souther States, Walmart and Tractor Supply all have no compatible grease in stock. The local bike shop was kind enough to give me a tablespoon worth of Park Tool PPL-2 (Same as PPL1, but in a tub instead of tube). it's a thick'ish dark green grease.

I'm leaning toward ordering something I know to be correct, but maybe I'm being over concerned.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice!


When my Radrunner was fairly new, it developed a bit of noise on each wheel revolution. I fixed that by opening the gears and removing a glob of excess grease near the gear ring. I didn't regrease the gears because I didn't know what kind or how much to use.

Your post reminded me that I still didn't know, so I googled.

A video shows how to regrease. I can see by the color that he's using white (lithium) grease. That's generally recommended because it's made from animal fat and not petroleum, which could damage plastic.

The page mentions alternatives. I have both white grease and Superlube. I guess I'll grease my planetary gears one of these days.