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RadRunner Plus - Finding and Replacing Brakes

Started by UnderArmServeOP, June 05, 2023, 01:43:37 PM

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Thsi is my first time changing the brakepads on my bike and I have no idea which ones are compatible with it nor do I know how to change it.

Please help

Carcosa view

YouTube has plenty of videos to walk you thru changing brake pads, relatively easy task. Basically remove a cotter pin. I would check with a Rad dealer for finding the proper pads


I see you have Tektro HD 350 brakes. My Radrunner 1 has Tektro mechanical brakes. I checked the dimensions of my pads, looked for Tektro brake pads at Amazon, found that most matched my dimensions, and chose the pad material I wanted.

Here's a page that shows three pads that fit your brakes.

As Carcosa said, youtube videos show the process.