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Could I ride a Rad Rover 6 plus on bike trails in Toronto, Canada?

Started by Paco, May 26, 2023, 01:04:11 PM

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hi there. Totally new to ebikes. I'm deciding between a Rad City and a Rad Rover. For now I have a regular bike and I enjoy it for my commute to work (7km) and for some bike paths in the city of Toronto. I use mostly bike lanes on the streets of Toronto, Canada or bike paths. I'm considering getting a City 5 plus or a RadRover 6 plus for a little help if needed (I'm in my late 50s). I still want some exercise so assist level 1 might be enough for me. Is setting 0 (meaning no motor) make it too hard to pedal? I still want to feel that I could use this as regular bike. But I must ask, will I be legally allowed to ride this ebike Radrover (not at full speed-maybe level 1) on bike paths? Or are Ebikes banned from all bike paths In TORONTO? I tried understanding the rules at the City of Toronto website but I can't be sure I understand them. if there are any local riders. I depend on these trails to get to work etc. Much safer than the street. I don' t do off road much at all. Hoping to get some first hand experience from local rad owners. Are the 4 inch wide tires on the Rover a plus or a minus for my purposes? Thanks!


From what I  read you can ride on bike paths, you can't ride on sidewalks and certain highways.
As to which model you get, city or RR6 well the bigger the tire the harder it is to pedal. I am 59 years old and weigh 280 lbs, I recently rode my RR6 5 miles on a very hilly road with no battery assistance,  it was a workout but I got it done.
If you are only going to be on pavement and are not real heavy, go for the city with narrower tires  I ride a lot of gravel and love my 4" fat tires.