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2 NEW Tannus Armour for Rad Expand 5, Radrunner, and Radmini

Started by gballou1059, April 26, 2023, 02:48:37 PM

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Brand new still in the boxes we have 2 sets of Tannus Tire Armour we purchased for our 2 Rad Expand 5 bikes in Sep 2022.   According to the website these will also fit the Radrunner and Radmini.  The price is $95 per set.
-Includes two liners and two tubes
-Provides up to 15 mm of protection on top, plus 2 mm of sidewall -protection
-Helps protect rims
-Sidewalls help stabilize tires on corners, cushioning the ride for more comfort
-Some liners will need to be cut to size

This is the info on the tire:
Tire (75-100)X406,20"X(3.0"-4.0")  Tube (60-115)X406 Rim (50-80)X406