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Haven't posted in a while, catching up

Started by Altema, April 24, 2023, 08:16:30 PM

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Lots has happened in the last few months and I have not been posting much. My brother passed away and I'm still cleaning up the mess he left behind, we've been house hunting because our landlord is selling the house we're in now, but on the good side I did a major career change which is working out well. I still have some time to ride after work, but it's usually a quick one while the sun is going down. Local group rides started recently and I've been on three of them in two weeks:

1. "Wrench and Ride" sponsored by Trek. Short ride around Detroit, casual pace with a mix of e-bikes and pedal bikes.
2. "Electric Thursdays" not specifically sponsored by Trek, but hosted by the Trek Bicycle shop. Slightly faster pace and longer route, with more OneWheels and EUC's.
3. "A2 Tech" ride with YouTuber Rik Cordero (Runplayback). This was just an impromptu get together, and possibly due to the cold, there was only the four of us. However it was the longest ride at close to 20 miles.

I was supposed to go this weekend on group rides in Maryland, Washington DC, and possibly Delaware, but complications arouse and I stayed home.

The bike is running VERY well, and efficiency has gone way up. On the "Wrench and Ride", I did 12 miles on a single 20ah battery, and finished with the battery at 99%. On the A2 Tech ride yesterday, we mostly throttled, and at the end Onyx LZR Pro was down to 40% and the Ariel Rider X Class battery was almost dead. The RadMini was running the dual Tesla batteries, so I was not concerned about range, but even I was surprised to finish the day at 94%. Only downside to this ride was the mediocre pizza, and almost freezing! It was raining and we had micro-hail as well, and I was shivering after riding back to my car. Thank goodness for excellent heat on the way home! I'll post pictures from the rides soon.


Welcome back, man!  I know all about sudden life chaos......
Shucks Ma'am, I'm no "Hero Member", I just like to wear this cape.


So sorry to hear about your brother. Sounds like some interesting rides, and a good year to prioritize riding - biking will help you get through it. Best of luck in every way.