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Canadian models 500W limitations

Started by, April 23, 2023, 10:59:11 AM

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Hi...I've been searching for a while and I'm trying to find out if there really are limitations of 500W for Canadian models. That is a legislated guideline for our country but I also see a lot of discussion around nominal and peak power being very different, so I'm wondering if the RadRover 6 Plus is 500W peak or nominal (with a bit more peak power)? When I messaged Rad directly and asked them what kind of motor these bikes had, they said it was the same one as the US model (750W) so I'm assuming the only difference might be the controller.

Does anyone know exactly how this works on the Canadian models? I ask because I am having a bit of trouble on some steeper hills!



you will always have that problem with RAD.  you will need to upgrade the controller - vendor Area13 to unleash the extra power.   they are also very helpful by email.  they will give you the controller settings that will give you the best bang.  i also upgrade my motor.  i peak around 1100 watts.  much easier on hill climbs.