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child seat from amazon

Started by jessy, April 22, 2023, 05:27:12 PM

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context:I'm a new Radwagon owner, I bought it to ride my kid to daycare and then school later. On my old bike, it was too cramped and not practical. Unfortunately, my child seat didn't fit (obviously). As he's 4 and a half, I didn't want to invest in a thule yepp maxi. He's too small for a yepp junior, and I don't think just the caboose is secure enough for a 4.5 yo.

So... while waiting for him to grow up and get a better seat, here's my cheap option:

I was expecting to drill into the wood board, but I didn't have too, It literally took mins to install!
I didn't need the other equipments (pegs for regular bike, handle won't fit). There's a similar cheaper one with just the seat on amazon but the reviews weren't very good regarding the quality.

I only have to get the pegs from Radpower, and it will be all set for now.


Not bad - thanks much for sharing!