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Rad vs. Lectric Trike

Started by crorris, February 23, 2023, 08:32:22 AM

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I've been a big Rad fan since I bought my first two Rad Rover 5's in 2020. I've put about 2000 miles on mine and about 400 miles on my wife's.

All the issues with the newer models have given me concerns. I wanted to add a trike to my collection, so I was looking closely at the Rad Trike. Then I saw the Lectric trike. I couldn't justify the much higher cost for Rad. I ordered the Lectric the day it went on sale. One of the reasons I wanted the Rad was because I currently have 4 batteries for my Rover 5's that I wanted to be able to use. I found a solution for that though. I reached out to Rad was able to order an extra battery mount/wiring for $22 including shipping. I plan to add that to my Lectric Trike after I get it to be able to use my Rad batteries on it.

No plans to get rid of my Rovers or leave the Rad Owners Forum.