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To Upgrade or Buy Anew, that is my question

Started by RojoNixon, February 14, 2023, 12:15:02 PM

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Hi All,

Some time ago I got it in my head that I could upgrade my RR+ to two batteries and a 1kw motor. Since then I?ve had much time to consider. I bought some cable from Bolton/Area 13 to allow dual batts, but it seems SUS AF compared to DATEX. But a DATEX, hydraulic brakes, battery, and the 1kw motor (already have 35 amp controller) I would almost be at the cost of an Ariel or Juiced with those features stock on a frame tested to handle that much juice (same cost after factoring selling my upgraded RR+ for ~$1k).

After reading about that stuff in CA that happened, though I blame the parents more than anyone, it got me thinking about my complete lack of structural engineering experience. This bike was never built to go 30mph but 30mph with enough torque to go up steep hills for over a half mile is what I need. I live in the Northeastern Mountains of PA. Nothing compared to Idaho or NoC, but I?m a fat guy. I get around fine on my RR+, but the derth of cyclists in my area demands that I go 30mph to keep pace with less than friendly traffic. Scrantonians aren?t all as charming as they seemed on The Office.

If anyone actually read all of this and has thoughts I?d love to hear them. I?ve grown tired of Reddit?s ebike forums - more snark than help.



I assume by "RR+" you mean Radrunner Plus, not Rad Rover?  What, if any, mods have you done to your bike already?

If no mods and you like your existing bike, I'd suggest adding the 35A controller/display combo from Area13 or ElectroBikeWorld - that will give you plenty of torque and power for hill-climbing, as it did for my MiniST2 last year.  It's easy to conquer the steep hills in my town that were impossible with the stock controller.  In addition to doubling peak power, the controller adds more tuning options and some new features like cruise control.

Additionally, I can recommend Area13's hybrid mechanical/hydraulic brake calipers from Juin Tech as well.  It's a simple drop-in that allows you to keep your existing brake handles and cables, but they actuate a hydraulic instead of mechanical caliper.  Noticeable improvement in braking ability.

Total for both should be around $400 or so.  There are many threads on both mods here on the forum.
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