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Thinking of buying in the UK

Started by SwanArmy, January 22, 2023, 10:45:53 PM

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Hi all, I'm here in England and thinking about buying the Rad City 5 Plus. I have been checking many UK available e bikes and do like the 5 Plus. It's actually currently unavailable until next month or so the website informs me.

Are there any UK based owners on the forums of this particular model? Unless you don't know, the UK models have smaller batteries and no throttle so not easy to compare UK and US models.

One thing which I would say would be the same is the assembly after delivery. Is it fairly straightforward and are the gears set up correctly or need adjustment.

Thanks everyone.


Batteries are the same, but the motor ist limited to 250 Watts and 25 km/h. You are still part of Europe, even after Brexit.  ;D

Mine works fine for 1000+ km. I would recommend to swap the handlebar grips if you ride with gloves and maybe swap the tires if you ride in the snow/rain.

Other than that it is a really comfy bike.