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Radrunner Plus Help Please

Started by kjaroschak, January 18, 2023, 06:37:58 AM

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Good morning everyone. I am looking for some guidance with making some modifications on my RR+. I am trying to make the bike go faster to cut down on some of my commuting. I purchased the BAFANG G062 Fat Bike 48V1000W Rear Hub Screw Freewheel Motor but I should have done more research before making this purchase. It doesn't seem like it's just an easy swap and won't make too much difference unless someone has suggestions on how to easily make this work.

Is it better for me to start with replacing the controller and using the 35A controller I've seen on Here is the link:

Here is the link to the motor:

Will the controller help make my bike go faster or do I also need to add an additional battery? Am I able to hook up a second battery to the 35A controller?

What do you think should be my best options? I am currently using the stock battery as well. Thank you for your help.


Unless changes to the controller programming have been made, you should be able to increase the top speed of your bike to about 25mph with no expense or new parts - just see this video, or any of dozens of other similar ones, for the simple hidden-menu access to do it:

Pretty much all of us with the 35A controller upgrade seem delighted with it; mine pushes my Mini ST2 up hills it couldn't handle before, but it will NOT increase your top speed beyond about 25mph (nor will a motor swap in most cases) - it roughly doubles available power to the motor, adds acceleration, torque, more performance/tuning options and a couple features including cruise control.  I bought my kit from Bolton (now Area 13) but it's the same product as ElectroBikeWorld, just pick the one with the best price at the moment.  If you order from EBW, make sure you also order the new display as well; the stock display won't work with that controller.

Here is a useful, but Chinglish, manual for it with many more details:

And here is a pretty good video walkthrough of the new menus to cover what's in the manual:

Below is a table of my current settings, which should be a pretty good starting place for yours since the bikes are similar - the "Jim4" column is my current setup, but you can also see my previous experiments and settings from EBW, Bolton and others on this forum I used as a starting point. 

If I were you, I'd return that motor immediately for a refund, if you can.

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