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Radrover 6 Plus and Ibera Rack

Started by PVS, December 24, 2022, 06:56:10 AM

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Hello, purchased an Ibera Bike rack for RR6+. Learned that Ibera makes an extension rod (IBERA 11" Longer Rods One Pair for IB-RA4/RA5 Carrier Rack). Purchased both on Amazon. After some trial and error, I was able to get a nice install (away from the seat, close to the fender, and level)!

I put a 2 inch piece of hardwood dowel (painted it black) in the hollow tubing to create structure w/i the tube, drilled thru (middle hole) the dowel and back side of aluminum tubing on the post, and mounted the rack. While am not using the Ibera steel mounting posts, one could cut them to size and use them in place of the dowel (to create structure w/i the hollow tube). Also, I did not use the plastic spacer.   One tip is to leave all the screws loose while installing the rack. Once you have all the screws seeded, then tighten things up.

Happy with the result and wanted to share. (3 pictures)


Congratulations. That's looks like a good workable solution.


PVS, What plastic spacer did you omit? Could you show a picture of it? Thanks RJP


RJP, here you go.

They are about 5/8 in length and I suppose they are shims for maybe non-fat-tire bikes?  I found that trying to use them pulled the vertical bars out too far (the mounting area near the sprocket) and made it somewhat difficult to seed the screws (poles angled out). They came with the Ibera rack as part of their hardware kit.  They are much like the spacing plastic you'd get when you buy a TV wall mount setup.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I decided on the Ibera rack because the OEM rack from Radrover is expensive as well as the shipping costs and seems to have supply chain problems.

Have a good one.