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RW4 and Ballard Cargo Bags

Started by Ddaybc, December 04, 2022, 10:30:37 AM

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Has anyone mounted the large basket plus the Ballard Cargo Bags on the rear of their RW4? I received the bags yesterday and discovered they can't be put on the bike when the large basket is installed. I'm very disappointed as I would think Rad would/should have designed something to make it possible to use both items simultaneously. It is a cargo bike after all.
Once it warms up enough to work in my unheated garage I'm going to investigate some method of raising the basket so I can get the top hooks on the cargo frame. I wish Rad already had something designed so it could be done. If someone else has already done it could you share what you did?


Let me state that I have neither the large basket nor the Ballard Cargo bags. However, I have both a basket and side bags installed on my RW4.

I made a wooden 'I' that bolts on, replacing one of the wooden slabs on the back of the bicycle. I then zip-tied a wire basket on top of this wooden structure. That provides me with enough lift to be able to attach a side bag to the metal tubing of the rack in back, as well as hook some luggage straps to compress the bag.

Finding something to act as a spacer between the basket and the attachment point on the rear rack would probably work. 

I agree with you that Rad didn't really figure these obvious things out. For instance, why isn't the headlight compatible with a front rack? Doesn't anyone at Rad actually use a RW4 to haul a bunch of groceries and other things around?


I've seen two other RW4's that have modifications so standard size bags can be mounted. Or at least bags mounted with standard sized hooks anyway. I don't want to make the system wider in order to mount the bags along with the basket. However I am also eventually planning on getting a U lock. BeachWagon, perhaps your idea of raising the basket enough to enable the Ballard Bags to be mounted could also be designed in such a way that the U lock could be stored under the basket? Thank you for the suggestion, I'm going to look into it.


Yeah, I think you could create storage space under a raised basket.

Have you ever seen the Tales on Two Wheels website? That guy does crazy mods when building e-bikes. He's modified a number of cargo bikes to have a raised deck above the rear rack. I've included a link to a modification to a Surly. I used his instructions on making big bags to design my own side bags. If anything, they're probably too big most of the time.


Yes it is sad that RAD has quite a few accessories which are not compatible with each other. Their website even says that you cannot use the ballard bags with a basket which makes no sense when you want to utilize the bike as a cargo bike.
If you are a bit handy you can modify the bike. Raising he deck is a good idea so that you can get the basket above the bags. Tales on Two Wheels website listed above has some good ideas.
I have a RW3 and I am currently working on my own solution as well.


BeachWagon, that's a good site you referenced. I spent a bit of time there looking around. Nice. Thank you.