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Gears for RadRunner

Started by firecarriage, November 18, 2022, 10:40:20 AM

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Currently RadRunner is available with big reduction. The drawback of this bike is: It has no gears. What do you think, is it realistic to install a Shimano 7-gears or equivalent on a RadRunner?

Radio Runner

Cant be done unfortunately. I was going to do the same however the hub is made slightly different than the geared version. The reason is so it has a good chain line with the stock 1 gear freewheel. A 6,7 or 8 speed freewheel will not thread on deep enough to clear the frame because of this.


I have the SS RadRunner.  I bought it as I had a RadWagon (sold to buy the RadRunner) and rode it 90% in one gear and used the pedal assist instead.

I am still mostly happy with the gear decision (like the RR much more than the RW) but I need to reduce the chainring by a few teeth as the hills where I live are a bit tough.  Sidenote I ride 2k miles a year on non ebikes so hills arent terrible but for my eBike I want a more relaxed vs workout ride.


I've seen mod videos on YouTube of Runner owners that have added a 7-speed freewheel to their bikes but it sounded like a lot of work to get it done and I've only seen it done with a different hub motor added. I have a Runner Plus and, as Tacomanatx mentioned, I almost 100% of the time ride in only 1 gear regardless. Though I live in a mostly flat area with only minor hills now and again.

Otherwise, I'd say a 35amp controller upgrade would give you the extra torque to get up the hills instead if you need it.


Thanks for all your suggestions. I wanted to use it in a very, very hilly area (alpine region). So without gears, regardless of torqu you have a bad time uphill and also downhill. So I don't think about it anymore.