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Lectric xp 2.0 vs radrunner plus

Started by Jmh2022, October 31, 2022, 10:50:54 PM

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Ok guys, so the way i see it these two are more similar than the non plus rad runner here is the situation, is the radrunner plus really worth double the price? Anybody had thr two?


The Lectric XP 2.0 is a better value for the money. However, the RadRunner Plus has several advantages. The suspension for has more travel, the gears have a wider range, the passenger seat is better, and the motor has a higher nominal rating and 80nm of torque, versus the XP's 55nm. I know the XP motor can peak at 800 watts, but only temporarily. For riders in flat areas, it's not an issue. But if you live in a hilly area, the XP may leave you sitting by the side of the road to cool while the Rad keeps going. I've seen it happen. The frame on the XP is rated for 30 lbs more, but Rad frames are drop tested and meet higher European standards.


That is a really tough choice between the two... if I had to buy my Runner Plus again I'm not sure what I'd go with.

I have the Runner Plus and have looked into Lectric bikes (though I don't have one). Honestly, I'd say since the XP 3.0 is out, Rad Power Bikes is going to have to really step up their game soon. With the 150lbs rear rack capacity on the 3.0, there's not a lot of reason to go with the Runner 2 or Plus other than the more durable frame and stronger motor on the Runners.

As Altema mentioned, the motor torque ratings on both bikes are different but I feel that the Rad controllers are so dialed down that they don't let you use the motor anywhere near its full potential regardless. The 3.0 motor is 500 watts but peaks at 1000 vs the 750-watt motors are locked to a max 750 watts on the Runner+ (without any 3rd party upgrades).

Heck, you could buy an XP 3.0 with the bigger battery and buy a 750watt nominal motor and still come in way below the price of a Runner Plus or pretty much break even with a Runner 2.

I'd assume the XP 3.0 with the 14Ah battery is going to be eating up a lot of market share that the Runner2/+ had secured for itself.