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Anyone Try a Suspension Seat Tube on the Radmini?

Started by RanBran57, October 27, 2022, 05:38:04 AM

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I just bought a used Radmini 2016. Works well but rides rough over bumps, etc. I'm used to suspension frames. Anyone try adding a suspension seat post to take out the bumps of the ride? there are some good reviews of these posts on Amazon, but curious if anyone has tried. PS: I'm 6'4" and need a 400mm seat tube and so need to replace to get an additional 1.5 inches in length.

And there are some handlebar suspension add-ons that are available, too. I guess that could be an option for front end softening of the ride.

Any suggestions or thoughts? THANKS!


  Of all my mods this is my Favorite!!   I tried all the supposedly better aftermarket seats and ended up most comfotable on the stock seat with ther NTX suspension post.   That and changing to a handlebar more like my City bike bend from Amazon.  It also allows me to fully utilize the rear view mirror.  I am 5 10 and 210 lbs. and utilize full leg pedal extension.