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Radcity 4:Got a large basket and it's blocking my suspension seatpost

Started by TheWillieDee, October 25, 2022, 10:24:53 AM

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No matter which orientation I use the stock seat (with that handle jutting out of the bottom of it) impacts with the basket, causing a sudden jarring stop to the suspension. So I think I need to replace the seat, or get taller. The Basket is very convenient and it seems like it'll be worth the hassle.

Any recommendations on a good saddle replacement for a radcity 4, one with better clearance than the stock seat? or any ideas on how I can mount the basket differently? Any ideas really at all, just trying to figure out what my options are


You can either grow a few inches... lol, or move the basket back a bit.

Here is a video on how to move the basket.


TheWillieDee I'm going to shorten that up to TWD hope you don't mind. TWD I see your post title states you have a suspension seat post. I'm thinking you must have a cantilever suspension post, which moves the seat  back as it takes up the shock from bumps in the rode. If that's true you have a couple ways to remedy your problem. Either move the basket back or try a suspension seat post that collapses inline. inside the post. Oh yea or get taller :-\   Looks like Si1Dia's basket mount would work good.


Thank you very much, these are the exact type of answers I was hoping for.

Shame that nobody can teach me how to be taller but that custom made aluminum bracket looks like a good method to try first.