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Rad Expand Five handle bar Issues??

Started by Rolf, October 23, 2022, 06:18:08 PM

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I am researching e bikes, spend many hours looking at video reviews  and written ,
I am leaning toward a folding bike not so much for the frame folding but mostly for
The ability to fold down the handle bar , this will give me a desirable bunk height in
My medium roof Ford Transit van and just to wheel the bike in with the handle bar
Folded down.
The Rad expand Five folding bike has got some really good reviews and I really like
This bike, but I stumbled on some issues I read about and there is even a video that
Explains this in detail, the stem part below the fold part only has 1 screw that tightens
This to the fork steering tube? I looked at the close up pics on Rad website and it does
Indeed look very suspect , the part looks to made out of plastic and the threading
Is machined in to the part.
So the issue is the handle bar wont stay tight even when tighten to proper spec and in
Some cases be dangerous and some people have had crashes ??
One screw to torg down the stem to steering tube , should be two ? And also steel or aluminum
Stem part. This is just info from the great wide web so I dont know for sure?? Be nice to see a
Bike in person but I dont live close by any dealers , maybe some Rad Exspand Five owners on
Here can help shed some lite on this.




Correct me if I'm wrong. There is a bolt going down into a star nut, inside the fork tube and the pinch bolt is threaded into an aluminum stem clamp not plastic, Right?       


I think the OP is asking how the hinge mechanism is attached to the steerer tube.  I was going to reply with how a threadless headset works but there seems to be two connections.  Above the hinge is a standard headset like you are talking about, but it "looks" like the hinge engages the steerer with a single pinch bolt, which he has linked a video showing someone stripped out their bolt.  There was a special bulletin on some serial numbers where this is a recognized problem, but I don't know if Rad did a redesign or not.  Someone with one needs to chime in. 


I'm referring to the parts below the hinge. I changed my words in my previous post. Stem clamp not handle bar clamp.    On 4:23 of this vedio the part they are saying is plastic, I believe it's aluminum or is it plastic. If it is plastic I would also have a bad feeling about being safe.


I am not putting a whole lot of trust in that video, its kinda poorly shot
And I dont really know what to make out of it? The Lady says One clamp
Bolt , maybe there is two for all I know , once again not very well shot and
Hard to see in video same goes with the plastic or not ??
I dont have access to a bike to see in person and thats why I am hoping
Some one here can help who has Radexspand five.


Yah I wish someone with a Rad Expand would set us straight.