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Rad Rover 6 Handlebars

Started by PowayVoyager, October 16, 2022, 12:38:41 PM

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I'm looking to add after market handlebars with a higher rise to my RR6 that will work with the factory cables. Can anyone recommend a pair or provide some advice?  I'm looking to sit more upright when I ride. I'm about 6 ft tall, so I when i raise my seat, the stock handlebars are a reach. I've tried adjusting the tilt, but it didn't help.


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Use the short Delta stem riser, works great.  Got it on Amazon


Do you have the link to Amazon for the risers you used?  TIA

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Go to amazon and type in (delta stem riser for bicycles)  You can order the longer one if you want and adjust the stem to the height you want. Just make sure your not stretching the brake hoses or wiring when turning the front wheel to turn.  My friend used the 3.5 inch on his RR6+, I used the 4.6 inch on my RRST1. They are nice sturdy unites and you don't need to use spacers.