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gearing of the rad runner plus compared to the rad runner 1

Started by swampy42, October 14, 2022, 12:13:42 PM

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I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on how the gears on the Rad runner plus compare to the rad runner 1? I had a test ride on the standard rad runner today and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, because I live in a very hilly area I am aware that I will benefit from having gears as many of the hills I was unable to get up, especially with a pillion. I understand there are 16 teeth on the rear cog of the rad runner 1. My question is does anyone know the range of teeth on the rad runner plus gearset? I'm simply trying to figure out if these lower gears on the plus will get me up these hills.
Thanks in advance


I have a RR+ and Iive in an area with plenty of hills, including some steep ones. While I can't answer your specific question concerning range of teeth, I have been able to conquer some ridiculously steep and lengthy inclines in first gear with PAS 3-5 (and in at least one case a great deal of sweat and huffing as well). Unless you're doing 10+% climbs for significant distances at a time, I believe the RR+ can handle most hills that the world can throw your way.

Here's a real-world example of a recent ride, with two lengthy and fairly steep climbs. I'm in maybe average to slightly-below-average fitness for a 40ish year old, but I was able to handle the worst inclines in first gear at a consistent PAS 2 (sometimes 3). (I might have done a higher PAS, but I was riding with a friend on a regular bike who was struggling just to make it up the hills at all despite being in better shape!)

I would NOT have tried that ride in a standard Radrunner.


Many thanks for your reply. Really useful to see the terrain in Google and compare it to my local hills.


From the specs on the Rad web site, the front crank has a 48 tooth gear, and the rear cluster goes from 11 to 34.  There is a big jump between the 34 and the gear next to it.  I usually drop into the 34 to help the bike up a steep hill and without having to pedal too hard you can give the motor a pretty good assist.