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Third Party Chargers

Started by spencerschumacher99, October 06, 2022, 01:56:24 PM

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My charger stopped working last week and I immediately ordered a new one through Rad Power Bikes. However, it has now been a full week and the shipping status is still listed as "pending". As I am sure you guessed, Rad Power Bikes support has been no help at all.

I use my bike as my only form of transport so I need to find a charger ASAP. Are there any third-party chargers that folks would recommend? I ride a Rad Wagon 4 if it matters.



Luna Cycles sells a nice one that has adjustable charge rate, and allows for partial charges to extend total battery life. Only downside is you will need buy or make an adapter for the Rad barrel connector. I did not see that specific part on their website, but they should be able to help if you call them. A link to the charger is below, and there are less expensive basic ones on Amazon.

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