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New Dropper Seat Post on my Rover 5

Started by crorris, September 27, 2022, 10:44:00 AM

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I put this dropper seat post on my Rover 5 about a month ago. I love it. I like to have the seat up very high while I'm riding, but it's great to have it all the way down when I come to a stop. Having the thumb control on the handlbar to adjust it makes it easy. Last week I just rode 253 miles over 6 days on the Katy Trail in Missouri and this was so helpful. I used it to adjust the seat up and down while riding to make it more comfortable on my butt and knees vs. being in the same position the whole time. It wasn't cheap, but it is definitely one of my best upgrades.


I'm down with that!  It's on my list.
Which version did you install? Upper, mid or low. Think I'd prefer the low myself.


I did the mid. I didn't want to try and run the cable inside the frame for the lower. The upper would have been significantly cheaper, but it would have had all that loose cable when I moved up and down. 

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