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Rear Rack for RadMini 4

Started by lmsvlim, September 14, 2022, 01:24:20 AM

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Hey guys! I've been waiting for the rear rack for the RadMini to become available for a long time but it still hasn't... can anyone confirm if there are any rear rack for the RadMini that I can purchase in Amazon in Canada? I would like one that doesn't attach to the seat post as that would just complicate the removal of the battery. If you guys have, would you be able to send a link on Amazon so I could view and possibly get one too? Also, I heard that the RadRover rear rack can also fit on the RadMinis? If so, does it fit well?

Thanks guys!


I can't answer your question. I got tired of waiting and bought one on Amazon. But if I have it high enough the battery tilts and slides up and to the right and clears the rack attachment.


Hey Everyone...THEY ARE IN STOCK NOW! Even in the Oragne color. I have been waiting since last April. BTW, the we will send you an email when they are in stock system has yet to alert me of this. I ordered my racks on Sunday 9/25 and they are arriving 9/29! I just checked and they are still IN STOCK!

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