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Commuter Rider - Pannier vs Larger Rear Basket? Thoughts?

Started by GoBettyRVA, September 09, 2022, 11:07:16 AM

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Posting this on the specific RadCity forum since the general one just got hit with about a 1000 spams.

Have a RadCity 5....Love love love it.  I bike to work when weather permits - about 5 miles, city roads and some hills.  I have a briefcase bag with computer (about 16 x 12 x 5 inches) that rides strapped in a Hoobbii rear basket that is starting to split.  It's not bad for the ride...not too wobbly or anything.  (I find the front rack more dicey for heavy things)  Debating on switching to a Pannier bag to carry my work items (computer and tablet, wallet, etc) or to get that larger rear rack Rad sells or something else.  I like the idea of the Pannier (like Arkel) but worry it will make the bike feel lopsided.  Or that my feet will hit it.  I would love feedback from commuters and what they prefer.  Thanks!


I have a trunk bag with fold down panniers (same trunk on each bike). I keep a heavy U lock and cable in one bag on each bike (I have a City 5 Plus and  Rover 6 Plus). I don't notice anything.


I commute 31 miles round trip each day (weather permitting) on my RadCity 5+.  I use the Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifuction Bicycle Expedition Touring Cam Pannier... available from Amazon...  ... it's 37L total.  This allows me to bring my laptop back and forth and business causal clothing to and from work each day.  I am really fortunate to have access to a locker room at work so I can keep shoes, towel, and toiletries at work.  Mondays and Fridays are my "heavy" load days.  These also worked great for a 120 mile round trip trail ride (was supposed to be 170 miles but rain got in the way) that my wife and I did this week.  I was able to carry three days / two nights worth of clothing, foul weather gear, personal care, and trail tools / spare tubes in this Ros pannier.  She rode with a 50L pannier - can't remember what brand hers are.

Another thing that I like about the Ros kit I have is that the flat bag is easily detachable from the pannier saddle and has a carrying strap.

Good luck!


The REI Junction pannier fits on the RadCity Frame perfectly without modification. I love mine.


I have the large rear basket on mine.  I regularly carry the case I put together for my charger and inverter, a large leather messenger bag that's fairly heavy that can also hold my laptop.  I also carry my 40oz Coleman tumbler.  All of that fits in the large basket with a cargo net to hold it in place.  I never feel off balance, and the width of the bike stays the same.  Now, I do have my basket mounted in line with the bike and not across using custom made brackets.
I have an Abus lock mounted to the left side of the frame below the basket.  I've only ever tapped it with my foot while pedaling a couple of times, it's an indicator that I have my foot too far back on the pedal.