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Radrover 6+ brake noise

Started by philsharyn, September 09, 2022, 07:37:46 AM

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So I have had my rad rover 6+  for over  4 months. I?ve enjoyed it a lot. I?m about 203lbs it rides good however the brakes have always been grindy and loud. Just wondering if it?s a normal sound to have.

I bedded in the brakes properly at first. I?ve taken it to bike shops for tune ups.

I have rad mission too. Those brakes are almost silent. Upgrading to a ? hydraulic brakes? system with rad rover 6 plus I thought would be better.  But it?s way louder.

I wonder if I just ride it too fast?? But still

Any thought  :( :o


Same here. Just put new pads on. The rear were toast while the front still had alot of meat but they are worn at an angle. Cleaned the new pads and both rotors with alcohol and Bam!, quiet, smooth and stop like never before.