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Stem Riser for Radcity 5+

Started by Gray Beard, September 08, 2022, 04:04:50 PM

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Gray Beard

Question, has anyone successfully used a stem riser on their Radcity 5 Plus?  And if you had which one did you go with?  So far the ones I seen wouldn't work with the Radcity 5 setup, the Rad Rover 6 is a much simpler design and easier to raise.  I have the step through model and already have the Suntour seat post to give me full leg extension.  But, would prefer to have the more angle to the handle bar mount verses having it almost straight up to gain the height.
Thanks, Chris

Gray Beard

I've answered my own question.  Should anyone be interested this Satori stem riser worked very well.

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