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Bell won't ring?

Started by, July 31, 2022, 08:37:39 PM

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I'm sure this is a very dumb question, but the bell on my new Rad Wagon 4 won't ring (just a dull clank). Is there something that has to be removed or did it just get damaged in shipping? It's surrounded a cheap piece of plastic that looks like it would be used for shipping purposes, but as far as I can tell it's an essential piece of the mounting.



Do you have a close up picture? The usual Rad bell is integrated into the brake lever, but some have shipped with a different bell. Make sure there is nothing touching the metal bell itself... it should be supported by a single screw or rivet in the middle. A cable or accessory touching the bell will make it sound like that, but so can un-removed packing material, or a bell defect.

Hi! Please see attached photos. Sorry for the delay, it seemed like the forums were having some issues.


The only reasons I can think of for these simple bells to not work is either something touching the bell itself (preventing it from resonating) or the dinger mechanism is messed up.  Does the bell ring if you tap it quickly with a screwdriver?  If so, I'd go after the mechanism if you can take it apart.

Failing that, I added this one to the stock Rad bell on my MiniST2 because it's louder for use on the road or noisy trails - it works great:

It's very well-made, high quality, comes in several colors (although for some reason the original black color doesn't seem to be on the list at the moment) and is pretty loud if you pull the lever back all the way before firing it off.  Note that you'll need the Small mount version to fit Rad bars near the grips, but probably Large near the center due to the bar diameter tapering - best to measure to be sure before ordering.

Something just occurred to me since you said the bike is new - have you tried to look inside the bell to see if a piece of packing foam or wiretie ended up stuck in there?
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Quote from: on August 28, 2022, 12:04:46 PM
Hi! Please see attached photos. Sorry for the delay, it seemed like the forums were having some issues.

Nothing touching the bell externally, so that means it's defective.


From pictures looks like the bell dome is not centered over bottom ring, might be jammed to one side. Also looks like rivet pin is not centered in top of bell dome.