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?? 35a Controller Upgrade Fries PAS Sensor ??

Started by crownpointdude, July 25, 2022, 06:21:31 PM

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I bought the 35a controller from Electro Bike World. it appears to be the same unit sold on several sites and I basically followed the steps in this youtube video.

Pretty straightforward, except the PAS sensor wasn't working, and when I went back to the stock controller, I had an error 30 as soon as I plugged in the PAS so that seemed to narrow it down.  I ordered another PAS sensor from RAD and connected the wire before installing it to verify the red light was on. It was. 

Since I don't have a crank puller and bottom bracket remover, I took it to my neighborhood bike shop for install.  They soon called me to say it was installed but the PAS feature wasn't working.  The red light no longer comes on.

Neither sensor works with the original stock RAD controller now either, so it would seem the 35a controller fried them both.  But this is weird as I can't imagine the volts/amps to the sensor are much.

I don't want to order a third PAS sensor w/o a better strategy. 

The company I bought the controller from states that sometimes the Rad PAS sensor doesn't work, but the one they sell will, but in the picture on their website it looks identical or close.

In the meantime, the bike still works in "throttle mode," but I never wanted to loaf completely, I just wanted some help on the hills when I have my two kids on board.

Info, thoughts, experiences?

Thanks in advance,



Check your connector on the new controller for a bent pin. I?ve seen on another forum that can be a cause.


I hope you didn't twist those connectors while connecting/disconnecting them.  The contacts in those water proof connectors are very thin and easily bent or broken.  Make sure the alignment slot on the connectors is properly aligned before pushing them together, do not twist at all.